Child Check-in Update


Our new system allows families to login online and update their information.  We recommend ensuring the family phone numbers, birthdays, and grades (for elementary students) are up-to-date before checking-in to the new system for the first time.  After June 14, use the 2018-2019 school year grade for your child.  If you have already setup an account to manage your online giving, the same login information can be used to manage all online functions.

To create a login ID & password:

1.  Click "Login" in the top right corner.

2.  Choose "Register" and follow the prompts, entering your information as requested.  If your email address is found in the system, you can select the existing profile to speed up the account creation process. (Hint: If married, please use only your name as the profile belongs to you as an individual)

3.  Confirm your account via email (if requested), and login.

To update your family information:

Once logged in, simply click on your name, then view "My Account."

If you have any issues or need help accessing your account, call VRL or email for support.